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Rare Drop Co


Techniq and NightHawkPlayz are your guides for everything comics. Join them as they discuss the latest and greatest from Marvel and DC.

The Old Fashioned

Refined. Aged. Bespoke. The Old Fashioned Podcast brings a refreshing point of view on nerd culture and beyond. Enjoy your weekly dose of witty banter, dry humor and brutal honesty.

Rare Drop Roleplay

Stay up to date on ALL of the Rare Drop Roleplay Adventures. Join us for epic tales in the far off lands every week.

Kings Coast - Coffee Stories

A deep dive into all things Kings Coast Coffee. We talk about upcoming projects and stories from our past. We cover everything from business to the creative side of the company.

Star Wars & Scotch

Tim (Darkness429) & Kevin (kmagic101) meet weekly to discuss their love of their favorite franchise, Star Wars, live on the internet for all to hear.


The Broman Podcast

The best podcast for any content creator.

Studio Blank

Every Wednesday, join Paul, Nate, and Tim, as they discuss manga and anime. They’ll be reviewing new shows/chapters, doing series overviews or discussing upcoming shows and what they’re hoping for.


The Jam

Nerds talk about nothing

The Rare Drop Spoilercast

Tim (Darkness429), Kevin (kmagic101) & friends have deep dive discussions about your favorite movies, TV shows & video games.

Worst Radio Show

Real life friends who say horrible things, rant, laugh, drink & discuss nerd things….in a twisted and hilarious way.